Role: Technical Lead and Creative Technologist with Local Group Collective
Concordia University, June 2018
A mysterious, nebulous being from the deep past. It senses you. Each particle of its being is alive with eager curiosity. From within the streams of its inner immensity, Proteus grows warm and shifts its form ecstatically. It moves towards you. It wants to play.
Commissioned by Concordia University as the inaugural piece for the newly built Visualization Studio, Proteus is an interactive public art piece which creates a sense of wonder and immersion through interactions with a mysterious and dynamic particle system. A 30-foot touchscreen array becomes the interface between two worlds, as you come face to face with this cosmic entity. Complete with Kinect sensors, generative sound and responsive color states, you are met with a sense of dark wonder as you are invited to approach the unknown.
Made with love in TouchDesigner.
Project Lead, Creative Lead - Jeremy Michael Segal
Technical Lead, Creative Technologist - Michel Didier
Art Direction - Roxanne Sirois
Sound Design - Joseph Browne
Our thanks to:
Concordia University
Paul Fournier
Tina Salameh
Teodora Stefan
Landon Thomas
Tim Gerritsen
And the whole TouchDesigner community

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