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Role: Technical Lead and Creative Technologist with Moment Factory
Mont Sutton, August 2019
Moonlight is an ambitious DIY-ish stage in the forest of Mont Sutton, Quebec.
While working at Moment Factory, we were asked to come up with a simple stage design for one of the stage of Moment Factory Camping / Summer Party 2019: Solar Punk.
A circular stage made of refurbished wood was setup in the middle of a dense pine forest. Due to the location and inaccessibility of the area but also the harsh conditions (heavy rains before and during integration), we had to come up with a setup that would require the least resources and manpower possible.
The concept was based around some Astera wireless LED tubes and a few adressable LED strips.
I designed all the effects in TouchDesigner with a simple UI and MIDI controller to handle the lighting during the show as well as a simple previsualization, outputting sACN formatted data to a Pixlite controller.​​​​​​​
Made with love in TouchDesigner.
Art Direction: Thomas Gibault
Lighting tech: Jean-philippe "Jeep" Langevin
Lighting show / controller: Michel Didier
Resources: Moment Factory

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